As a vegetarian living in NYC that operates in a vegan industry, one of the concerns that our employees gets asked most frequently is,”Where are the great vegan restaurants?” This may be particularly difficult for Sunday brunch, which will be typically rife with non-vegan fare, like eggs, meat, cheese, etc..

Nevertheless Sunday brunch is one of my favorite foods, and it is always enjoyable to join friends for a relaxing meal. And because it is among my favorites, I made sure to locate areas that I actually appreciate. There are a lot of areas in New York where you will discover great vegetarian cuisine, but all these are simply a couple I actually do love.

Sacred Chow 
This fantastic downtown restaurant comes with a bistro-fare of beer, wine & herbal elixirs, mouth watering soups, stews, salads and personalities, enticing desserts & hot beverages, yummy, hearty plant fats, complex carbs and luscious frozen smoothies. However, for me personally, the number one motive for visiting Sacred Chow for lunch is that their snacks. I really like their breakfast which includes a flaky, savory biscuits that’s just fantastic Also, Sacred Chow gets got the best tasting mimosas made with the freshest orange juice . The restaurant can be nearly completely vegan and also the team is always very nice, so you get good support.

The Organic Grille 
Located on First Avenue between 7th Street and St. Mark’s Place, this inviting café provides vegan omelets that seem like exactly what omelets looked like until you heard the horrors of the egg market. While not entirely vegetarian, they’ve a significant brunch menu that’s guaranteed to please every one the folks round the table.

The V-Spot Café 
What could be greater compared to brunch on a gorgeous outdoor terrace? The V-Spot Café is 100 percent vegetarian, that is an excellent news for Brooklyn that falls short to Manhattan with respect to its own veggie fare. And as you may believe you have”seen it all” with respect to breakfast wraps, there’s something about the one in the V-Spot that cures my jaded breakfast burrito heart. For more information click Roast and Toast Ouray.

Being vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give up among New York’s favourite foods. Now you know where to go, grab some friends and have some weekend fun!