Solstice Cafe and I believe of Sunday mornings. I love Sunday mornings. Ahead of the dread and recognition which Monday happens immediately, you have a couple hours to move slow, eat a fantastic breakfast, and also realize just how good life be if you eventually get a opportunity to stop considering things that matter to everybody else except us specifically anything having to do with work.

We wake up from a dead sleep brought on by a Saturday night of everything, settle in the vehicle, and tune the radio to a few of those acoustic stations and push while Radiohead conveys us to Solstice Cafe at Grant Park. There it’s in the north end of a strip mall, next door to an empty area, a filthy, old, rundown laundromat, plus a tiny Mexican food marketplace using a ceiling lined with pinatas, Solstice Cafe is a quaint, bohemian food place easily beneath the foodie radar. Read Roast and Toast Ouray

Simple metallic tables painted with a amateur painter’s signature, walls lined with paintings in a variety of media and a pub serving the two omelettes and alcohol, this is still another secret place unvisited from the hordes of breakfast feeders looking for one more sequence of biscuits, grits and sandwiches.

Solstice Cafe is exactly what could happen if you turned into an superb tasting coffee store into a breakfast and lunch place and subsequently gave it a liquor permit. The team is friendly and with this specific Sunday morning, everybody appears to be grasping the hours ahead since they sip their java and appreciate Sinatra crooning on the speakers.

The menu is lite, largely comprising sandwiches, eggs, sandwiches and other goodies that are simple. No sausage, no super size portions. Only a quiet space away from the traces in the Flying Biscuit, Thumbs Up, and Crescent Moon – all having a Massive painting of Elvis behind the pub.